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Sigle Black Pepper Yachts
Signature Black Pepper Yachts


Black Pepper Yachts : Signature Dog-House A small housing usually located at the stern of a boat’s deck and not extending the full width of

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Craftsmen who produce Made to measure - La Grande Mesure, News

Made to Measure

At Black Pepper Yachts, as in the clothing industry, “Made to Measure” means making our pieces by hand. Each element is conceived, designed and crafted individually in accordance with very precise specifications in order to meet the desires and tastes of the future owner.

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The Imoca OceansLab

December, 15th, 2023

Black Pepper® Yachts and Phil Sharp on their way to the Vendée Globe 2024.

IT IS WITH THE ANGLO-SAXON SKIPPER PHIL SHARP that Black Pepper® Yachts [Nantes – F44] will construct a new IMOCA bound for the next Vendée Globe. The launch of this boat, of which Black Pepper® Yachts will also be Co-owner, is scheduled for summer 2023

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