Code 0.1

Vintage Day Sailer

A worthy successor to the iconic Code 0 that made Black Pepper Yachts famous, this elegant “Dayboat”, with her neo-classical silhouette, adopts the aesthetic codes of her predecessor with a new bias: she had to be different; she had to dare a little renewal, without of course transgressing the family spirit… This time, the discerning eye will notice the slight sheer and the beginning of an inverted bow. Change without change! A real challenge…

Launched in 2019 in her classic version, she continues to evolve, as is often the case with our Codes. Since 2023, she has also been available in a “Sundeck” version.

This neoclassical-inspired day boat, built in carbon and designed for cruising and racing, not to mention her perfect seakeeping in strong winds and her habitability, reveals tremendous performance potential, thanks to her powerful rig, her very strict weight specifications, her ballast ratio, her draught and her equipment.

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The story

She had to be elegant, just as elegant as the Code 0, but go faster, and have more space inside to offer the possibility of living aboard and going on voyages…

In 2019, architect Marc Lombard was entrusted with the design of this new boat, with the mission of respecting the spirit of her predecessor, and in particular the silhouette of its famous doghouse roof and aft vault, replicas of classic sailing yachts. Her overall look, retains the key Codes of the brand and gives her that sober, racy elegance of the historic J class yachts.


The Code 0.1 is available in 3 versions:

  • Classic: closed cockpit
  • Sun-Deck: open cockpit
  • Spirit: Marconi mainsail and short keel

Each of these versions can be supplied as standard “Sea” or “Lake” with a high-performance rig.

  • Fixed or lifting keel
  • Electric or diesel engine
  • Modular, customizable interior fittings and equipment
  • Electronics, sails and equipment are available à la carte.
  • On board, everything is designed to be simple, efficient, functional and easy to maintain. A boat must perform well, be easy to maintain and look stylish…

At sea

Sailing aboard a Code 0.1 is disconcertingly simple; all maneuvers are designed to be easy with everything within reach: self-tacking jib, cockpit maneuvers, will delight the captain and his crew as well as the solo sailor. The lightness of the boat is exhilarating! Acceleration is immediate in the slightest breeze, and the hull slices through the water with ease.

Versions with lifting keels provide access to all shallow harbors. Dual rudders ensure optimum steering, and the carbon rig allows infinite trimming. Her wide beam provides both power and stiffness, essential for performance and comfort. Her headroom and volume provide the comfort of a true cruiser, essential for family trips.


  • Length 36.4 '
  • Beam 9.8 '
  • Draft 3.3 / 7.9 '
  • Draft fixed keel 6'
  • Weight 5,300 lbs
  • Rig Carbon
  • Sails area 635 / 1,636 ft²
  • Engine 14 CV
  • Construction Carbon Epoxy
  • EC Category B
  • Berths 3x2
  • Architect M. Lombard
  • Builder Black Pepper©
  • Design M. de Franssu
  • Launch 2019

All technical data is provided for information only and does not constitute a contractual commitment. They may be modified by Black Pepper SAS without notice.


Visite 360° du nouveau code 0.1 Sun Deck

360° view inside and outside Code 0.1 Classic

Ship building

Code 0.1 is built from dry carbon fibre and epoxy resin. Each part is made using the infusion process, which keeps the weight down by optimally controlling the quantities of resin used. This process consists of placing parts draped in dry carbon fabric under vacuum in a mould closed by a tarpaulin, which are then impregnated under vacuum by injection of the required quantity of resin, which is drawn in by the vacuum created in the mould.

The hull and deck are built in separate moulds and then assembled manually by gluing and laminating. The entire boat structure is first assembled by gluing and laminating in the hull.

The whole structure is then coated and painted before the integration of systems (rudders, keel, power, engine, etc.), electronic and electrical components, fittings, teak, fittings, preparation of the mast and boom.

Code 0.1 en construction