Code #

Vintage Bay Sailer

“The little Code”; simple, racy and playful, the Code # is breathtaking in her performance, very close to her big sisters… easy to use, her reactivity is exceptional  and recalls the sensations of the great Olympic dinghy series; endowed with a unique, sober elegance with her dog-house roof, wooden deck and clean lines, the Code # is a Black Pepper in essence! Built entirely in carbon, like all Codes, she benefits from the latest developments in naval architecture and construction technologies.

A charming & incomparable performance!

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The story

Born in 2016, a long time after her 10-meter big sister Code 0, this yacht was designed to welcome a new population of owners. She had to find a name smaller than “0” given her size! Hence the famous #, symbol of digital communication and modernity.


  • Engines: Diesel or electric.
  • Standard “Sea” or “Lake” version with a high-performance rig.
  • Fixed or lifting keel.
  • Electronics, sails and equipment are available à la carte.

At sea

The light displacement Code #, designed by Marc Lombard and inspired by the hulls of the latest generation of ocean-racing boats, is as at home on a day trip alone or with the family, as she is on a sporting outing or regatta. Her lifting keel allows her to access shallow harbours or approach beaches. Easy to fit out and transport, she will accompany you to all your holiday destinations.

Her open cockpit at the stern is ideal for swimming or sunbathing. The Code # is perfectly balanced. The uncluttered teak deck makes it easy to move around.
Light, well-canvassed and with an optimum ballast ratio, she boasts impressive performance – the speedometer goes up fast!

Light and stiff, Code # remarkably seaworthy; her carbon rigging and equipment designed in the style of a single-handed racing boat, square top mainsail, generous headsails, double rudders and wide hull make her easy to handle.



  • Overall length 27 '
  • Beam 8.36 '
  • Draft 2.8 / 6.9 '
  • Draft 2.8 / 6.9 '
  • Draft (fixed keel) 6.9 '
  • Weight 3527 lbs
  • Rig Carbon
  • Sails area 505/1 313 ft²
  • Engine 10hp
  • Construction Carbon Epoxy
  • EC catgory C
  • Berths 2X1 + 1X2
  • Architect M.Lombard
  • Builder Black Pepper©
  • Design M. de Franssu
  • Launch 2016

All technical data is provided for information only and does not constitute a contractual commitment. They may be modified by Black Pepper SAS without notice.


Ship building

The Code # is built from dry carbon fibre and epoxy resin. Each part is made using the infusion process, which keeps the weight down by optimally controlling the quantities of resin used. This process consists of placing parts draped in dry carbon fabric under vacuum in a mould closed by a tarpaulin, which are then impregnated under vacuum by injection of the required quantity of resin, which is drawn in by the vacuum created in the mould.

The hull and deck are built in separate moulds and then assembled manually by gluing and laminating. The entire boat structure is first assembled by gluing and laminating in the hull.

The whole structure is then coated and painted before the integration of systems (rudders, keel, power, engine, etc.), electronic and electrical components, fittings, teak deck, fittings, preparation of the mast and boom. 

Construction Code #