Code 1

Vintage Week-Ender

This magnificent Vintage style, 40-foot yacht, built entirely in carbon, with the help of the best French specialists is testament to Black Pepper’s® commitment to “Luxury” and “French Art de vivre”. A purely exceptional product, she combines all the ingredients that guarantee pure pleasure: elegance, technological choices, ergonomics, design, materials, on-board comfort and breathtaking performance… Inspired by the Class 40, she is the ideal weekend getaway for the contemporary aesthete eager for sensations and performance.

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The story

With the launch of this magnificent new 40-foot yacht, built entirely in carbon, Black Pepper® has demonstrated once again that, less than two years after the launch of its elegant “Code 0” day sailer, it is now one of the key players in the French yachting and luxury sectors.

The Code 1 incorporates all the ingredients that have made the shipyard such a success, a subtle cocktail of ultra-modern hull and classic superstructure. Clean side decks, omnipresent teak, all-carbon rigging, limited weight, plush berths: a yacht of great elegance…

Code 1’s hull design guarantees excellent performance and stability; she is an extrapolation of the latest racing hulls, inspired by the most recent Class 40s.

Black Pepper® continues to build exclusive, top-of-the-range limited series.


The Code 1 is available in 3 versions:

  • Cruiser – Marconi Rig with permanent Backstay
  • Racer – Performance rig with square top mainsail and running backstays as well as water ballast.
  • Foiler with retractable foils and performance rig.


Available options include:

  • Lifting keel
  • Fully equipped galley: fridge, sink, stove, oven…
  • Electronics.
  • Interior equipment: toilet, shower, water heater, desalinator, etc.


At sea

A wide flush cockpit accommodates a large number of crew, facilitating manoeuvres and making tacking easy. Downwind, the speedo goes wild and Code 1 reaches incredible speeds! Even in strong weather, the helm remains smooth.

The interior of the Code 1 provides all the comfort needed for cruising with family or friends, in the sleek, minimalist style that is key to the brand.



  • LOA 1,184 '
  • Beam 13'
  • Draft 4.1/9.8 '
  • Weight 9,900 lbs
  • Rig carbone
  • Sails area 1,184/2,799 ft²
  • Engine 35 HP
  • Construction Carbon Epoxy
  • EC Category A
  • Berths 3X2
  • Architect Marc Lombard
  • Builder Black Pepper©
  • Design M. de Franssu
  • Launch 2013

All technical data is provided for information only and does not constitute a contractual commitment. They may be modified by Black Pepper SAS without notice.


Ship building

The Code 1 is built from dry carbon fibre and epoxy resin. Each part is made using the infusion process, which keeps the weight down by optimally controlling the quantities of resin used. This process consists of placing parts draped in dry carbon fabric under vacuum in a mould closed by a tarpaulin, which are then impregnated under vacuum by injection of the required quantity of resin, which is drawn in by the vacuum created in the mould.

The hull and deck are built in separate moulds and then assembled manually by gluing and laminating. The entire boat structure is first assembled by gluing and laminating in the hull.

The whole structure is then coated and painted before the integration of systems (rudders, keel, power, engine, etc.), electronic and electrical components, fittings, teak, fittings, preparation of the mast and boom. 

Construction chantier