Code 2

Vintage Racer Cruiser

This magnificent, luxury yacht follows the exclusive style of Black Pepper’s® “Codes”. Inspired by the latest-generation of Imoca 60 ocean racing hulls, she is destined for offshore cruising and racing. Her silhouette and charm are the result of a combination of historic and modern lines which is the original Black Pepper® signature (dog house, teak deck…). On board, nothing is left to chance: ergonomics, ease of manoeuvring, luxurious equipment and materials, living space, cabins, bathrooms, tender garage, cockpit saloon… All is designed to ensure comfort, safety and autonomy.

0 ft²
Upwind sails area
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Length overall
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The story

Following on from Code 0 and Code 1, two day sailers combining elegance and performance, Black Pepper launched in 2016 Code 2, its first long-distance racer designed by the same architect Marc Lombard. Her interior fittings have been well thought through and designed to reconcile the needs of racing and cruising; weight optimization, choice of materials and a welcoming interior. This is the basic yacht to which each owner can add their own technical needs, finish and decoration.


Set of sails, backstays…


Lifting keel

Bow thruster

Number of cabins: 3 + 1 or 4 +1

Onboard comfort: desalinator, air conditioning, etc…

This Racer-Cruiser can become a Cruiser-Racer with a 2m shorter mast, a classic mainsail, a hydraulic backstay and genoa tracks instead of a 3D twicker system.

At sea

Polars and VPP predict speeds of 22 to 25 knots; in reality, speeds of up to 30-knots can be obtained … truly impressive!

In a breeze, the boat’s wide hull at the stern helps it to settle quickly on her lively chine, and glide like a luge. Her carbon hull gives her extreme rigidity in rough seas!


  • Length overall 64.6 '
  • Beam 17.4 '
  • Draft 5.6/15 '
  • Weight 22,000 lbs
  • Rig Carbon
  • Sails area 2,368/4,520 ft²
  • Engine 110 HP
  • Building Carbone Epoxy
  • EC Category A
  • Berths 4X2 + 1
  • Architect Marc Lombard
  • Builder Black Pepper©
  • Design Michel de Franssu
  • Launch 2016

All technical data is provided for information only and does not constitute a contractual commitment. They may be modified by Black Pepper SAS without notice.


Ship building

The Code 2 is built from dry carbon fibre and epoxy resin. Each part is made using the infusion process, which keeps the weight down by optimally controlling the quantities of resin used. This process consists of placing parts draped in dry carbon fabric under vacuum in a mould closed by a tarpaulin, which are then impregnated under vacuum by injection of the required quantity of resin, which is drawn in by the vacuum created in the mould.

The hull and deck are built in separate moulds and then assembled manually by gluing and laminating. The entire boat structure is first assembled by gluing and laminating in the hull.

The whole structure is then coated and painted before the integration of systems (rudders, keel, power, engine, etc.), electronic and electrical components, fittings, teak, fittings, preparation of the mast and boom. 

Construction du code 2