Made to Measure

First and foremost, at Black Pepper Yachts, much like the fashion industry, “Made to Measure” signifies crafting our boats by hand. Consequently, each element is meticulously conceived, designed, and crafted, individually, in accordance with very precise specifications to meet the future owner’s preferences.

Therefore, the result is a truly unique masterpiece. It is the product of a collaborative creation between a craftsman and the customer, one that can never be precisely duplicated.

Then, this distinctive approach, both anachronistic and modern, takes time. Therefore, time for study, time for exchange, time for production and modification, time for fine-tuning. Finally, all with the unwavering goal of realizing the boat owner’s vision of perfection.

Olivier, Quentin, Loic, Loïs, Thomas, Jérôme, Jean-Baptiste, Gaël and also Aimie are all passionated persons with their works.

Within this community of kindred spirits who have embraced the brand and its distinctive style, today’s leaders drive the production process while continuously fostering creativity. As a result, each yacht becomes a unique embodiment. It harnesses  expertise across a spectrum of disciplines, encompassing composite work, woodcraft, painting, electrical systems, electronics, deck fittings, rigging, mechanics, and plumbing.