Black Pepper Yachts : Elegance and Craftsmanship

At Black Pepper Yachts, we combine timeless elegance and exceptional performance to create unique boats. Each model embodies our brand, reflecting refined luxury and cutting-edge engineering.

Our shipyard, where each yacht comes to life, is a place of passion and dedication. Our artisans, masters in their field, work in harmony to transform bold ideas into concrete achievements.

Elegance and Performance are the characteristics found in all our boats


Black Pepper Yachts is distinguished by an extensive and diversified range of boats with an innovative design noted both in its motorboats: Tender 17 and 24, and in its sailboats (Code #, Code 0.1, Code 1, Code 2, Code 3) or its new catamaran Code C.69.


Sailing on a Black Pepper Yacht promises unique and unforgettable sensations. Our Codes guarantee an exceptional browsing experience.

Whether competing or cruising, every moment aboard a Black Pepper yacht is a fierce battle against the elements, an adventure.


Our boats are built to withstand the harshest sea conditions and remain reliable in the face of the ocean’s unpredictable challenges.

The reliability of the high-tech equipment installed on board ensures smooth navigation, guaranteeing the efficiency and safety of the crew.

Craftsmanship for Innovation service

Passion and Know-How

Each yacht is the result of exceptional craftsmanship and an unwavering passion for excellence. Our craftsmen work to transform each idea into a concrete realization of a tailor-made boat.


Dive behind the scenes at Black Pepper Yachts, where the magic happens. Our craftsmen, true masters of their art, work tirelessly to ensure the safety and reliability of our boats in all maritime conditions.

Black Pepper Yachts’s Craftsmen

The exceptional know-how of our craftsmen meets excellence at every stage of construction, creating yachts that stand out not only for their refined design, but also for their robustness and performance at sea.