Black Pepper Yachts : Conquering the Eastern United States coast and Canada

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We are delighted to share some exciting news with you!

Black Pepper Yachts is spreading its sails towards new horizons by exploring the promising markets of the Eastern United States as well as Canada.

Prospecting at the Boat Show in Miami : February 14 to 18 2024

We are excited to announce our participation in the Miami Boat Show, February 14-18. Although we will not have an official booth, our Black Pepper Yachts team will be on hand to make meaningful connections with distributors, dealers, and other key players in the marine industry.

We would like to thank Nautihub, a development program for the nautical industry in Pays de la Loire.

NautiHub played a crucial role in facilitating our deployment in this promising market. The deployment path they have put in place includes validating the suitability between our product and the American market, identifying a distribution network through targeted meetings, and welcoming future distributors during the largest American boat show.

We look forward to anchoring in new waters and sharing the exciting adventure that awaits us in the Eastern United States and Canada !