Black Pepper Yachts : Signature


A small housing usually located at the stern of a boat’s deck and not extending the full width of the boat.

Historically, it was used to accommodate the crew on deck of ships. At that time, the ship’s aft command post was protected by a much more generous wheelhouse.

This shelter was known as the “Dog-House”, a word borrowed from the Anglo-Saxon language, as its angular shape was reminiscent of a doghouse.

At the turn of the century, this architectural element was adopted on leisure boats, and in particular on metric yachts, to protect access to the ship’s lower inside.

It offered the advantage of using very little deck space and facilitating air and water flow. In doing so, it gave the ship equipped with it a very streamlined look, with fluid and taut lines.

Since abandoned by many yacht designers, Black Pepper has chosen to reinstate the general lines that characterize all its units.

The reinterpreted angular character and reduced deck width of Black Pepper roofs make them a distinctive feature, reminiscent of the famous “dog-house”. Only the pointed hat has been removed for ergonomic reasons.

Open Cockpit

The open aft cockpit is a signature feature of all our sailing boats and is part of our signature. This is creating elegant lines and a feeling of fluidness.

Neo-Industrial Interior

The interior of each boat is ingeniously designed, enhancing the structure of the boat itself. For an optimized space that combines minimalism and comfort, nothing is compromised. Every constraint becomes an asset, and performance is only improved.

When engineering becomes art.

The neo-industrial interior design of our yachts reveals the beauty of the hull structure. Every space, from the saloon to the cabins, combines minimalist aesthetics with contemporary comfort. The use of ultra-light materials for the fittings preserves the incredible performance of the boats.