10 /16/2023 - Imoca OceansLab Yachts leaving the shipyard

The Black Pepper Yachts-built Imoca OceansLab leaves the shipyard on 10/16/2023. She was then keeled, a delicate operation on a container, and the 2 rudders were fitted. The foils were installed the following day, just before the launch.

Back in pictures …

Timelapse Imoca building

Timelapse of the construction of the Imoca OceansLab Yachts in the Black Pepper Yachts shipyard as the piano fittings, winches and solar panels are installed on deck, and photos of the construction in the Black Pepper Yachts shipyard.

Keeling and rudders installation on Imoca OceansLab Yachts

All our craftsmen work hard to prepare the boat for launch. Electronics engineers, composite specialists, deck fitters, riggers, engineers, all have to synchronize their work so as not to get in each other’s way, because the timing is so tight…

The next step was to keel the boat on a container, then fit the rudders.


The next day, the foils are fitted.

This is a very delicate operation. The wedges in the foil wells, and the foils themselves, have the same geometry; adjustment has to be done to within a few tenths of a mm at a height of 6 meters. Each foil weighs around 300kg.

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